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new-imageDer Erste leistbare Ballflug Launch Monitor seiner Art ist da!

  • Der Skytrak misst realistisch den Golfball in Echtzeit – nach dem Impact.
  • Skytrak verbindet sich mit Ihrem iPad Air und stellt Ihnen dann akkurate Daten über Ihren Ballflug zur Verfügung – die App dazu können sie gratis aus dem AppStore runterladen.
  • Sie sehen dann wie der Ball fliegt und erhalten sofort ein Feedback zu jedem Schlag.
  • Sky Trak wird es um ca. 2.600 Euro inkl. Ust ab Mai 2015 bei uns zu kaufen geben! Weiter Informationen bei uns direkt oder per email!



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Pressemeldung vom November 2014:

SkyTrak  a partnership between SportTrak, LLC and SkyGolf, the makers of SkyCaddie® the most trusted Rangefinder in Golf, today announced the release of the Revolutionary SkyTrak™ Personal Launch Monitor,  a complete Practice, Play and Entertainment System for golf at home.  SkyTrak, about the size of a book and weighing less than 2 pounds, accurately captures thousands of data points from a golfer hitting balls with their own clubs into a net at home to simulate practice and play as if you were on the course or practice tee. While entertaining, SkyTrak is not a toy, but a serious tool that accurately reflects the golfer’s actual skill level and shot results to provide year-round practice, play and game improvement without ever leaving home.

Combined with an App and iPad, the Wi-Fi enabled SkyTrak captures the actual ball speed, launch angle, back spin, side spin and side angle to project the ball flight over a vivid 3D practice range.  SkyTrak also offers various challenges for engaging practice such as Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive and Targets, along with Shot History Tables, Performance by Club, and helpful data screens. It’s easy to use, compact, totally portable with no wires required, and highly accurate, so improvements the golfer sees in their swing at home are improvements they can take to the course.

“Our goal with the SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor is to deliver commercial quality ball flight simulations that reflect a golfer’s actual performance for game improvement and entertainment at a price far below comparable alternatives,” said Richard Edmonson, SkyGolf CEO.  “In essence, we have created a way for a golfer to take his or her passion past the 18th green with what we see as the XBOX of Golf.  It’s been designed to deliver the reliability and accuracy required to help golfers play better, play more and derive more enjoyment from the game. SkyTrak fits nicely into our core values by delivering an accurate and realistic in-home golf experience that both entertains and makes you a better golfer.”

“SkyTrak is a unique product in the consumer golf space,” said Andy Allen, SportTrak’s Managing Director of Golf.  “There are a couple of economically-priced  golf simulators on the market  that offer some measure of simulated ball flight, but none of them are able to measure enough information about the performance of the golf ball to accurately simulate a golfer’s actual ball flight to include shot shape and distance.  So, the feedback provided by such systems can misrepresent your actual performance and as such may not provide the feedback needed to improve your game.  In fact, such systems may actually hurt your game and at best are a waste of your valuable time.”

On the other end of the market there are commercial-quality launch monitors that do provide accurate information about the ball after impact, but do so at a cost that is not affordable for most golfers.  SkyTrak fills the void by providing the accurate measurements of a commercial-quality product, at a fraction of the cost, to open up an entirely new world of game improving practice and hours and hours of entertainment away from the course.  For the first time, golf enthusiasts have an affordable way to enjoy the benefits of a commercial launch monitor used by club manufacturers, club fitters, PGA Professionals and Tour Players that cost from $7,000 to $25,000, and, at the same time, enjoy the fun of having a high-quality simulator at home that can cost even more.

“Our strategic partnership with SkyGolf is ideal because of their commitment to delivering highly accurate data to golfers for game improvement both on and off the course,” Allen continued.  “SkyTrak is consistent with the family of SkyGolf products in that SkyTrak measures and then uses very sophisticated algorithms to produce highly accurate simulations of a golfer’s actual ball flight to improve their games and provide more fun.  SkyTrak works wirelessly with an interactive App that runs on compatible iPads to create a practice environment that’s fun for golfers. Weighing less than 2 pounds and under 7 inches tall, SkyTrak’s powerful engine also provides entertaining challenges and competitions between family and friends, while delivering the same results as if you were on the course.”

SkyTrak™  is designed to be a highly expandable system that initially will support a 3D Driving Range with  optional functionality such as Shot History, Bag Mapping, Driving Range Targets with Multiple Scoring Options, Long Drive and Closest to the Pin Challenges  Users also will have the option to upload their practice and play data to the SkyGolf 360 cloud service for storage, analysis and sharing with friends via the new SkyGolf 360 App and enjoy the benefits of being part of the fast-growing  online community of passionate golfers.  Since SkyTrak is designed to be an open platform, the Company expects other developers to add many other ways for golfers to practice, play and be entertained around the small, but powerful SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor.  Additional options in the works include Course Play, on-line interactive Peer-to-Peer Challenges, Open Pairings, and Performance Badges.  The ability to share with friends will make the interactive platform the centerpiece of a consumer’s in-home golf practice and entertainment experience.

While other consumer in-home simulator systems don’t even require a player to hit a ball, or measure spin, the SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor has been engineered with advanced professional grade technology.  “Now, consumers will be able to play and practice at their convenience, see the details of every shot, and have fun while improving their games,” Allen added.

SkyGolf, with its portfolio of innovative products including SkyCaddie® rangefinders that are pre-loaded and ready-to-play with over 35,000 courses worldwide, SkyPro®  Swing Analysis System, SwingLabs® Un-biased Club Fitting System, and the new SkyTrak Launch Monitor, is the only company in the golf industry positioned to deliver game improvement solutions during practice, play, lessons and fitting at the course or at home.

“We are particularly excited about integrating SkyTrak ball flight data with SkyPro’s swing/club performance data to provide a 360-degree perspective of a player’s swing and ball performance”, added Edmonson.  Now, with the addition of SkyTrak measured ball performance data, players will be able to really see a virtual representation of everything from address to impact with SkyPro and from impact throughout the ball flight to its destination with SkyTrak.  No other system on the market can match this at any price, much less the affordability of these revolutionary products.”

Initially available for Apple iOS, the SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor will begin shipping in November, 2014.

For more information on the SkyTrak Personal Launch Monitor System and pre-ordering opportunities call us at +43-664-5174720

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